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Star Trucker

What can possible be more cool than a truck sim? That would be a truck sim located in space! Learn trucker lingo, haul cargo and explore the galaxy behind the wheel of your own rig in Star Trucker. 

For Star Trucker I wrote dialogue and world content. The tasks included writing hollers, designing available assets as well as their traits, naming in-game content and researching.

Download writing samples or visit the Steam page by pressing the links below.


A game in progress by Monster and Monster



In a roguelike FPS game, a mercenary explorer is submerged into the ocean to examine the origin of a mysterious electromagnetic field. Down in the deep he finds the ruins of a sunken, forgotten island and the peculiar creatures that guard it. The explorer discovers the history of the island as he fights his way through the ruins.

For Abyssus my responsibilities covered expanding lore and worldbuilding. Tasks included were writing character portraits, environments, storyline and researching.

Download writing samples or visit the Steam page by pressing the links below.


A game in progress by DoubleMoose Games

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Dreams of a Dandelion


In an open world RPG, a samurai of feudal Japan finds a necklace lost in the forest floor. Tied to the sense of duty, the samurai sets out to find the necklace's owner. During his travels through dangerous surroundings and hostile encounters, the samurai discovers the necklace to be something out of the ordinary. See, the necklace guides not only itself home, but in some ways the samurai too.


I was hired to write a storyline for the complete game as well as specific scenes and game course for its demo based on samurai culture and feudal Japan. My tasks mainly surrounded research, characters, quests and game events.  

Download writing samples  by pressing the links below.


A game in progress by Jonathan Börjesson


Hospital Game

Since Septemper 2023 I've been making my own game. After being obsessed with playing Two Point Hospital by Two Point Studios, I felt the urge to make something similar myself. I'm creating a business simulation game where you get to run your own hospital. I've done all coding myself in Unreal Engine 5. Keep in mind that it's a work in progress.

As of now, the game consists of patients arriving, roaming while waiting in queue, heading to the doctor's office and finally leaving while generating money. Further along the project players will be able to buy doctor's rooms, hire doctors and create their own strategy for acing their management. Try out the game by downloading the current windows version below.



All art has been downloaded from Quixel Bridge and has not been made by me.


Since November 2022 I've been writing on a hobby project called Norden. I've written a world from the ground up and then built a story around it. Read more about my story below and download a dialogue writing sample from the Novel of Norden. My entire worldbuilding can be found on my World of Anvil page also linked below. Keep in mind that Norden is a work in progress.


A mass vaccination program in 2131 results in people turning deaf. The severity and extent of the event forces countries to rip up their borders and unite in the mission of creating a new deaf accessible society. That society and nation is named Norden.

Setting of Story

Hearing habitants have increased in numbers over the years and are starting to question the government for not including them in the society of Norden. At the same time, a resistance movement and political faction named the Founders are established, determined to not let the hearing people take over their deaf country. People are afraid of civil war.


Right after the Founders presidential election win in 2350, a bomb detonates at the Parliament building, rooting a strong distrust of hearing people by the deaf. Hearers are abducted and captivated in the name of the nation's safety, resulting in them fleeing their homes to join guarded hearer shelters. The shelters eventually join forces to take down the Founders and government. 


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Crusader Kings II Mod

I scripted an event mod for Crusader Kings II consisting of short narrative segments which affect players' level of wealth and prestige.


The weather predictions are not looking to good one year and the player needs to decide whether they should prepare by bringing in some extra tax or not.


Try out my mod or read my script by downloading the zip below. 


​A first person survival horror game where you dance on the thin edge of bliss and madness. Find your brother and escape from a devestating, human experiment before real or imagined threats defeats you. The game is heavily narrative driven as well as it includes exploration and puzzle-solving.

E008 is a joined school project produced in 10 weeks by 11 students. My responsibilities were primarily writing characters, notes, cutscenes and voice lines. I also helped with some level design by furnishing the levels with objects in unity. Please see the other credits in the "Credits" video found to the right.

Watch clips from the game to the right. Play the full game and visit our page or download some of the notes I have written by pressing the buttons below.

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Ytterligare ett spel

Ytterligare ett spel is a local two-player party game. Choose your player: Tilda, who's destined to clear all injustices by making them known to the world by tagging houses or Mort, an impeccable town cleaner who would never leave a building anything less than sparkling clean.

This game is an example of when game writing is a complement rather than the core. By working with player cards, graffiti and a short pre-game dialogue we were able to introduce some context without having the narrative become a main attraction. 

The game was created by a group of friends at Global Game Jam in Skövde 2022. I were responsible for game writing and level design. Please see the other credits on the GGJ site.

Play the game and visit our GGJ page by pressing the button below.


A hypertext game made by myself in Ink. Play a tired mom ready for a Friday evening on the couch. Just as you are about to bring out the snacks you realize that the chocolate bar you have been longing for eating the entire week is stolen.

The player gets to investigate the case of the stolen chocolate bar by searching rooms and questioning family members. Creating the game included some programming in Ink were I mostly worked with variables to keep track of which rooms or which scenes the player had visited. Additionally I made a point system which kept track of how the player acted with the family members which then resulted in a good or bad ending.

Download the game and visit Ink's site by pressing the buttons below. Be aware that Ink has to be downloaded in order for you to play the game. The game is written in Swedish.


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For my bachelor thesis it was researched how much and what impact Actual Fictional Agency had on parasocial romantic relationships (PSROM) with a dating simulator. While researching there was found two opposite points made about dating simulators and PSROMs. On one hand, having full control and agency in dating simulators is why players choose to play them instead of finding real relationships. On the other hand, taking some agency away from the player creates more authentic PSROMs and deeper feelings which the player seeks. The thesis debates whether both these points are true and how they can exist simultaneously.

The thesis project was a collaboration between me and classmate Josefine Stiberg. We shared most tasks evenly between us with the exception that I were responsible for programming and Stiberg for graphics.

Read the full thesis in Swedish by pressing the button below. 

Thesis Abstract

The thesis intended to answer the research question: How is the authenticity affected in a parasocial romantic relationship by AFA? AFA being short for Actual Fictional Agency. In a qualitative, comparative study it was analysed how test participants reacted to two similar dating simulators. The only factor separating the two artefacts apart was that one of them did not contain any AFA, that is the possibility to influence the main narrative and the dates turn-out. Artefact A that contains AFA can either end with that the character the player dated want to meet up again or not, depending on the players dialogue choices. Artefact B that does not contain any AFA always ends with that the character reveals that they came to the date as a bet, and they never had any actual interest in the player. The study's results were that participants of Artefact B experienced a higher level of autencity and stronger feelings for the character they dated. Participants of Artefact A tended in greater occurrence to feel indifferent towards the dates endings no matter if they had a positive or negative result. 

Creating the Artefacts

Creating the artefacts were challenging since the dating simulator had to be immersive enough to be able to create PSROMs, but our main assignment was writing a thesis not producing a great game. As a result the artefacts needed to contain content that would favor our research rather then the game experience. In our research before our study we found that there are three different types of attraction: Physical attraction, Social attraction and Status attraction. Therefore we included parts in the dialogue system were all these three types could be represented. Besides from that we created an open-minded, kind and understanding character that most people would get along with. With that said, the character had their own defined opinions and did not waver to please the player since we noticed that a people-pleaser kind of character were not appreciated when testing the artefacts. The artefacts were made in Twine, a hypertext game engine, and have a 15 minutes playtime.

Play both artefacts in Swedish by pressing the button below.

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